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Ikarie XB 1

The film is based on The Magellanic Cloud, a novel by Polish writer Stanisław Lem.

Puppet Theatre Show inspirated by Karel Čapek's novel

Puppet Theatre Show Untold Stories From The War With The Newts inspired by Karel Čapek's classic novel.

Emil Viklický’s Grand Moravia Trio

Emil Viklický’s Grand Moravia Trio in Iowa

Marie Tomanova: Young American


Havel Conversations Live, with Wendy Luers

Join our first-ever live interviews for the Havel Conversations series!

Havel Conversations Live, with Gail Papp and Carol Rocamora

Join our first-ever live interviews for the Havel Conversations series!

Družstvo: Czech natural wine culture coming to NYC

Družstvo will introduce Czech natural wine culture in all its liveliness to New Yorkers in 2 pop-up events this spring!


Audiences will be able to move from room to room to experience the European café culture while viewing readings, musical compositions, films, and art exhibit inspired by European contemporary books....


Sextant Productions will present Kafka's THE TRIAL, an unusual crime drama—one in which a man is arrested by an unidentified authority for an unnamed crime.

Alfons Mucha: Shaping The Czech Identity

The exhibit examines the role of the artist at times of political change, presenting examples of material created by Mucha for his country, culminating in his most significant work the Slav Epic.

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