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Prague 1968

EXHIBITION. Photographs of Paul Goldsmith. Exhibition opening: Tuesday, March 6, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Spark of Being & 657 Second

Film Club - Czech and Other Experimental Films Then and Now. Free Admission

Mozart to Walton

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT. New York Classical Players and violinist Josef Spacek.

Erotica and Abstraction

Film Club. Czech and Other: Experimental Films Then and Now. Free admission.

The City

FILM CLUB. Czech and Other Experimental Films Then and Now. Free Admission.

Eben Trio

Classical Music Concert

Light in Darkness

Tantehorse – Physical Mime Theater

Mahler, Mozart, Beethoven

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT. The College of New Jersey Orchestra

Disappearing Act IV

Disappearing Act IV is organized by the Czech Center, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Group of European Cultural Institutes and Diplomatic Representations in New York. Sponsored by the EU...

The European Youth Orchestra

Panel discussion held on the occasion of the orchestra's tour in the US

Invitation - Contemporary Glass

Overview of the contemporary glass art. Presentation international, glass sculptures and objects were made by artists from Czech Republic, Israel, Korea, Slovakia, USA, Luxembourg and France.

New Texts by Vaclav Havel in English

Stage Reading, Untitled Theater Co. #61

The Last Cyclist

THEATER. Play from the Terezin ghetto. Free admission.

The Beauty of Exchange

Film Club - Ladies First. Free admission. The Beauty of Exchange, Documentary film, 2004, 77 min

Beauty Exchange

Film Club - Ladies First Q&A Erika Hnikova

New Czech Films U.S. Tour 2012

See what’s hot in contemporary Bohemian filmmaking with another edition of New Czech Films, featuring the directorial debut of the late playwright and former Czech president Vaclav Havel,...

Kafka Fragments

CONCERT. Kafka Fragments by Ensemble Sospeso.

Ivana and Vaclav

Film Club. Manželské etudy Ivana+Václav, rezie Trestikova, Film Series Ladies First

Composers Concordance: Ladies First

Inspired by adventurous women, musicians Milica Paranosic, Keve Wilson, and Lynn Bechtold, of the innovative record label Composers Concordance Records (CCR), initiated the Ladies First concept. More...

Singles Generation

Film Club - Ladies First. Free admission. Documentary film Singles Generation, directed by Jana Poctova, 2011, 77 min.

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