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Tony D

MUSICAL. Free Admission. Milos Orson Stedron's Tony D., a Western musical showdown featuring “good guy” Tony D. and “bad guy” Zdeněk Nejedlý. The theatrical performance is accompanied by live music...

Journeys of Franz K.

Multicultural project "Journeys of Franz K” includes all places, which where important for life and work of well-known writer Franz Kafka. The World according to Kafka ÷ Musical-Literary Collage -...

All for the Good of the World and Nosovice

FILM. Margaret Mead Film Festival, November 10-13, American Museum of Natural History.

Velvet Revolution Party

PARTY. The event is to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the triumph of democracy in 1989 in former Czechoslovakia, and present the Czech and Slovak culture to the New York community.

Matchmaking Mayor

FILM. Hamptons Film Festival - October 13-17.

Havel 75

PUBLIC REFLECTIONS ON DISSIDENCE, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND DEMOCRACY in commemoration of President Václav Havel’s 75th birthday.

Doh-bree Veh-Cherr with Irena Kubesova

The Altneuschul: A Prague Treasure – The talk by Irena Kubesova is in conjunction with the new textiles Mark PodwaI is designing for the Altneuschul.

The Swell Season

FILM. Seventh Art Releasing is pleased to present the U.S. theatrical premiere of The Swell Season, which reunites performers Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, Academy Award-winners for their...

The Emperor and The Golem

FILM for children and adults. Free admission.

Widow's Walk and Portals

DANCE THEATER. Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre. Live musical accompaniment by baroque violinist Leah Gale Nelson and the string quartet ETHEL.

Salon: Vasil Artamonov, Alexey Klyuykov and Beli Sladoled

Residents at ISCP are invited to present their work in semi-monthly public Salons, featuring film screenings, performances, exhibitions and lectures.

Inspiration, Dreams & People

EXHIBITION. An Exhibition and Talk by Painter Franta Nedved. Organized by the Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association in coopearation with the Czech Center New York and Consulate General of the...

Salon: Paul Murnaghan and Robert Salanda

Artists' Presentation - ISCP residents Robert Salanda from the Czech Republic and Paul Murnaghan from Ireland.

Please The Trees - Culuture Collide Festival 2011

CONCERT. Czech band Please the Trees participates in Culture Collide 2011Festival.

2 kilos of sea

DANCE THEATER at Baryshnikov Arts Center. A site-specific work that was originally created and performed in a church courtyard


WINE-FEST 2011 - MORAVIAN STYLE WINE FESTIVAL at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria.

Sokol New York Vinobraní

Grape Harvest dinner dance at Sokol New York

Walking Tour of the Bohemian National Hall, With the Dvorak Room Unveiled

WALKING TOUR. Experience the architecture and history of the Bohemian National Hall from 1896 to the present and view a newly installed special exhibit in the Dvorak Room.

Doh-bree veh-cherr with Marie Winn

FIRST THURSDAY. Series of Social events. Special guest: Marie Winn.

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