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BeatBurger Band

BEATBOX CONCERT & SEMINAR. Presented by Jaro Cossiga, Tiny Beat and Anna Oravcova with special guests Kid Lucky & Rabbi Darkside. Admission Free.


CONCERT. Violinist Yuval Waldman performs “MUSIC FORGOTTEN AND REMEMBERED” in Merkin Concert Hall - Kaufman Center, NYC.

Disappearing Act III

A SHOWCASE OF CURRENT EUROPEAN CINEMA. Disappearing Act, launched as an annual event in 2009, is a film showcase highlighting the vitality of European cinema. This year it presents 19 films that have...

Frédéric Chopin a W.W.Würfel - Pupil and His Teacher

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT. Martin Vojtíšek - piano, with Alice Fiedlerová in the piano duet

Reagan/Gorbachev: Did They End the Cold War Forever?

The Harold and Ruth Newman World Beyond Tomorrow Series. Organized by New-York Historical Society. Discount on tickets for members of the Czech Center Club.

Bach Collegium Japan

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT at Carnegie Hall. JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Mass in B Minor. Discount for members of the Czech Center Club.

SVU Conference

CONFERENCE - Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences - Regional Conference, June 3-5

200th Anniversary of the Prague Conservatoire.

CONCERT AND EXHIBITION. Organized by the Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association. Admission Free.

Fruit of Paradise

FILM CLUB - WOMEN FILM DIRECTORS. Film Fruit of Paradise (Ovoce rajských stromů jíme), Belgium / Czechoslovakia, 1969, 99 min, directed by Věra Chytilová

Shark in the Head

FILM CLUB - WOMEN FILM DIRECTORS. Shark in the Head (Žralok v hlavě), directed by Maria Procházková, 2005, 75 min, in Czech with English subtitles.

The newest films of FAMU students

The collection of most successful films of FAMU students from the past year will be introduced by Michal Bregant, Head of FAMU International and Chair of FAMU MFA Program. Part of the "STUDY FILM IN...

History of Czech Cinema: In Transition and Today

SEMINAR by Michal Bregant. Part of the STUDY FILM IN PRAGUE...NOW IN NEW YORK CITY" series.

Smetana Trio

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT. Music by Beethoven, Dvorak and Smetana. Admission: $15. Members of the Czech Center Club, Children (under 12), Seniors (over 65) : $10

Libor Smoldas Quartet

ACOUSTIC JAZZ CONCERT. Admission: $15. Members of the Czech Center Club, Children (under 12), Seniors (over 65) : $10

Something Better

THEATER FOR CHILDREN. Contemporary Toy Theater Translation of the Brothers Grimm Tale: The Bremen Town Musicians. With special guest Petr Nikl, Czech visual and performing artist

My 20th Century

FILM CLUB. My 20th Century (Moje 20. století), documentary film directed by Olga Sommerová, 2005, 56 min. in Czech with English subtitles. Admission Free.

Hitler, Stalin and I

FILM CLUB. Hitler, Stalin and I (Hitler, Stalin a já). Documentary Film, Directed by Helena Třeštíková, 2001, 56 min. Admission Free

Some Secrets

FILM CLUB. A dark and absurd road-movie comedy in which Grandmother fulfills her dream, Mother stops treating her daughters like kids, the daughters stop treating their husbands like idiots and...

Windows on Madison - Barbara Holub - The Blue Frog Society | A Habitat Without Territory

A Habitat without Territory is a project for Windows on Madison, curated by Jaroslav Andel (DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague) and presented by the Czech Center New York in cooperation with the...

Casual / Formal / Playful - Vaněk / Šerých / Koťátková

Exhibition - Tomáš Vaněk, Jan Šerých, Eva Koťátková Opening: Thursday, March 3, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Czech Center New York

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