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The annual concert of Giordana Fiora with the Czech soprano Kristýna Kůstková

Czech soprano singer Kristýna Kůstková will perform at the annual Giordana Fiory concert at the City University of New York.

Velvet Revolution Party

Celebrate the Velvet Revolution which has brought 30 years of freedom (and counting!) to Czechs and Slovaks.

The 11th 6-Minute Challenge

Czech and Slovak artists, professionals, students and scholars are challenged to introduce the subject of their project, research or studies in a short presentation limited to six minutes. In...

Karel Gott, Celebration of Life

Join us in honoring Karel Gott, voted the Czech best male singer in the annual Český slavík national music award 42 times, most recently in 2017. With a special performance by Czech swing singer Jan...

Presentation of Czech Trebitsch Whisky

Discover and love the secrets of TREBISTCH Czech Single Malt Whisky. It is the first and currently only company in the Czech Republic that specializes in whisky production.

Visit Europe Media Exchange 2019

This fall, the Bohemian National Hall will host the Visit Europe Media Exchange, where exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet and network with representatives of the media.

Film: Golden Sting

This sports drama explores the turbulent history of basketball in Czechoslovakia amid the social turmoil caused by various dictatorships. In this environment, fair play gets thrown out the window.

Lukáš Hofmann: Book Launch: A guiding dog for a blind dog

Join us for a book launch of "A guiding dog for a blind dog" at Printed Matter. This art book was written by Nat Marcus and curated by Lukáš Hofmann and will be for the first time presented to...

Chicago International Film Festival

This year, the Chicago International Film Festival will, among others, introduce two very much talked about Czech films – the documentary Forman vs. Forman and the war drama The Painted Bird by...

Exhibition Czech Science Café

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (FZU) is the biggest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences founded 65 years ago. The current scientific programme of the institute...

A Double Bill Sound Experience Featuring Laura Escudé and Lenka Morávková

There is a rare space where music, innovation and deeply feminine artistry converge. This space has long been the domain of both Laura Escudé and Leenka Morávková. Both highly established artists and...

The Soviet Invasion of 1968: The Russian Perspective

The documentary film and book of the same name offer unique view of the August events of 1968 from the point of view of Soviet dissidents and intelligence. Followed by a Q&A with author and director...

Pocta Bohumilu "Bob" Krčilovi

Photographer, journalist and editor Bohumil “Bob” Krčil is one of the most prominent, albeit often ommited, personalities amongst Czech emigrants to New York.

Meetup: Cucumber lemonade No.4

Networking Meetup of Czech young professionals in New York City! Enjoy the freshly cooling cucumber lemonade while connecting with your peers in the city that never sleeps!

Czech Student Uprisings - '60s & '80s

The two-part documentary film by director Olga Sommerová compares the roles of students in the protest movements of the 1960s and 1980s in communist Czechoslovakia, draws parallels between them, and...

Exhibition: Lukáš Hofmann: Skin come leather

Allergy, eczema, itches and scratches as our hyperactive immune systems throw a fit. Porous skin bordering between a self and the world, its cells spreading and turning to dust. Lukas Hofmann...

Czech Science Café: A talk on artificial intelligence and the research priorities of the oldest technical university in Europe with Vojtěch Petráček

Join us for a lecture and discussion with a renowned nuclear physicist at Czech Center New York as part of the Czech Science Café project. He will present the current directions of his field which...

Spirituál Kvintet

Critics regard Spirituál Kvintet as the first and best Czechoslovak folk group. In 1989 the government blacklisted Spirituál Kvintet, yet its songs were played on the streets of Prague during the...

Mannes Sounds Festival: 30 Years of Freedom

Mannes School of Music at The New School presents a concert in collaboration with the Czech Center as part of the Mannes Sounds Festival.

Puppet show: Daddy Is a Hero

This is a story about love between parents and their children who stick together against all odds. Love helps kill evil dragons, overcome illnesses, and more. Performed live in English.

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