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Oct 5, 2017 7:00 PM - Nov 17, 2017

The Velvet Revolution in Photographs by Pavel Štecha

The Velvet Revolution in Photographs by Pavel Stecha.



In celebration of Vaclav Havel's Birthday and the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Prague.

A gallery exploring the personality of Havel, the first President of the Czech Republic and leading dissident voice in the Velvet Revolution, and the energy of euphoric Czechs during the Velvet Revolution in Prague.
Photos provided by the International Center for Photography.

Gallery on display from October 5 to November 17, 2017.

The period between November and December 1989 was an unforgettable time in Czechoslovakia. It started with a student demonstration on November 17, which was met by police wielding shields and batons. Then the peaceful protest grew into something more. It connected people across the social spectrum as students, dissidents, artists, religious workers, and residents of ever smaller towns began to join in. The calling of a general strike supported by major state factories was a signal to the governing party that things were getting serious. Negotiations began, and expectations were tense, but fortunately reason prevailed and eventually an agreement was reached.

Czechoslovaks shaking their keys, literally, rang a bell to the oppressive communist regime that had stolen forty years of their lives.

The year 1989 was a time of great hope, excitement, and optimism. People celebrated with euphoria, a sense of justice, and relief. The photographs of Pavel Stecha remind us of that time with enormous authenticity and persuasion. They encourage us to reflect on the glorious revolutionary days and evaluate how much we still owe to the ideals that led the Velvet Revolution.

By: Pavla Niklova, Executive Director, Vaclav Havel Library Foundation

Photo: Pavel Štecha



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From: Oct 5, 2017 7:00 PM
To: Nov 17, 2017


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