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Mar 4, 2010 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Phill Niblock & Martin Janíček

Concert of two musicians - Phill Niblock and Martin Janíček. Phill Niblock works with immersion into the stream of static, harmonically dense waters, which by the time proove not to be so static as they looked like. Moreover, one gains a impression of spacial differentiation in time. How is this possible? The key lies in Niblock´s use of time. In his music is the experience of time very slow and continuous. He is not using disruptive tearing of structures, but surprises by fluent layers of tones, interconnected diagonally by overtone resonations and harmonies. He is using the Pro Tools software for the work, often with 24 tracks. The process of Martin Janíček is different - he is using self made sound objects (presented recently at Guthman International New Music Instrument Competition in Atlanta ).Together with effects, looping and field recordings, which are fascinating and he keeps recording them for years. He creates a intersection among inner imaginative space and outer world of sounds, surrounding and inspiring all of us.

Phill Niblock & Martin Janíček


March 4, 7 pm

Czech Center New York


Concert of two musicians - Phill Niblock and Martin Janíček.


These two artists met thanks to Milos Vojtechovsky, who organised nearly  a decade of   Hermit symposia in Plasy, Czech Republic, since 1990. Martin Janíček played together with Michael Northam and Michael Delia at intermedial festival at Experimental Intermedia studio, New York  organised by Phill Niblock in 2002.



Phill Niblock - drone - minimalist composer and filmmaker living in New York City, known for his collaboration with long row of personalities of  world experimental music (among others: Glen Branca, members of Sonic Youth -Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo, David Gibson, Susan Stenger, Petr Kotik, Thomas Ankersmit) as well as long term activist in the field of experimental art over last 40 years.Organizing annual intermedial festival in his Experimental Intermedia studio and founding of XI recordings label, or production of the Window gallery in Gent, Belgium, plus the recent collaboration with renowed Touch recording,.being just a few examples of his belief in sense of experimental work.


Martin Janíček - sound artist from Prague, who spent 20 years to develop self made music instruments, sound objects and installations. He works on the edge of visual - sculptural and immaterial sound art. He participated at great number of exhibitions in Czech republic and abroad. (among others represented CR at World Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan. He collaborates with Tomas Zizka at  mamapapa ngo, realizing site specific projects, and with many musicians as: Mia Zabelka(A), Franz Hautzinger(A), Zahra Mani (GB, A), Bruno Pisek (A), Bethany Lactorin, USA, CZ), Michael Northam USA,G), Petr Nikl (CZ) interactive exhibitions Nests of Games, Orbis Pictus, Labyrinth of Light. 


Free admission.


321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
United States


Mar 4, 2010 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


České centrum

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