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Jan 19, 2016 - Jan 25, 2016

Daniel Piršč - Ceramics

EXHIBITION. The acclaimed designer and artist Daniel Piršč will exhibit some of his most notable porcelain sculptures including his 3D wallpaper series and solitaire works. His compositions created at Studio Piršč Porcelain Laboratory for Art, Craft and Design are ranked among the best on the Czech market and internationally.

These extraordinary sculptures will be on display in the Gallery as well as at the Ceramic and Glass Fair in the Ballroom from 21-24 January.

Daniel Piršč Porcelain Laboratory for Art, Craft and Design is customized to accommodate the needs of untraditional and small-series production and to enable development of larger collections intended for mass production in quality factories. Their goal is to roll out production of high-end collections of the finest porcelain, which is diverse and attracts a wide array of clients. They are innovative with technology, careful in processing and mainly do the things that they really enjoy namely porcelain, which has a soul and wit. 

With this year’s collection they build on their masterpieces such as FILIGRAN vase, CARA MIA vase, SKULL object or the lamp NIGHTFALL and the lamp BUDDHA. They see porcelain as an art-object, as an interior jewel and as an art piece.  

The second part of their craft consists of well-established 3D wallpapers. They have ten years of experience with these wallpaper designs.  The gallery will be transformed by these exquisite works of art.



321 East 73rd Street
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From: Jan 19, 2016
To: Jan 25, 2016


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