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Oct 5, 2011 - Oct 9, 2011

Please The Trees - Culuture Collide Festival 2011

CONCERT. Czech band Please the Trees participates in Culture Collide 2011Festival.

Culture Collide 2011 Festival
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With its members coming from different corners of the Czech Republic and disparate musical backgrounds, Please The Trees is a band of many contrasts. Their sound summons the spirits of everything from Popol Vuh styley expressionism thru wall-of-sound atmospherics of likes as Mogwai to, say, experimental folk epics that reverberated in the turn of the 60s to the 70s by artists like Ron Elliot, Neil Young or Jack Nitzsche. That Please The Trees benefit from what seems like odd couplings of sounds and personalities is most apparent in the group's newest material which ventures even further into new sonic territory.

Singer-songwriter Vaclav Havelka [not to be confused with exPresident Vaclav Havel] wandered onto this road since his childhood in the rural parts of the country north of Prague, the very heart of Europe, traveling with his parents and running through the woods, hills and wild places of Eastern Bohemia. He traded music by mail, developing his artistic roots through selfmade cassette-tape compilations full of grunge-rock, folk, country, and post-rock. While spending his youth on the geographical and cultural frontiers of the Czech Republic, Havelka with his hard working DIY aesthetics soon found himself on the frontiers of the Czech indie music scene.

Starting his recording career under the nick selFbrush, Havelka's lo-fi, self-released alt-country solo act was far away from the unique minimalist dynamics and textures of his future bandmates’ previous project, Some Other Place. Hailing from the hardcore scene in town of Tabor in the south of the Czech Republic, the members of Some Other Place are an odd fit with Havelka. But together as Please The Trees they have created a sound that reflects a connection "more personal and spiritual than anything else," and a musical interaction that aimed outside the boundaries defined by the Prague-based and centralized media and the country's dominant music scenes.

Whatever the chemistry between these seemingly disparate spirits – both, onstage and on the band’s 2007 debut album Lion Prayer (Absent Hour Records), the results are timely. After Please The Trees’s first ever US tour organized by the band itself and during which the shows took places in New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis and at Austin’s South By Southwest festival, the band gets even further and more consicious on the debut’s follow up Inlakesh released in the Spring 2010 (Absent Hour Records).



Los Angeles, CA

From: Oct 5, 2011
To: Oct 9, 2011


Organized by FILTER magazine & FILTERmmm, LLC

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