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Apr 8, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020

We are helping with the Czech language

The mission of the Czech Center New York at any time, is to support Czech language teaching in the United States.


The mission of the Czech Center New York at any time, even now, is to support Czech language teaching in the United States.

Our Czech courses for adults led by Mrs. Ivana Husakova continue, we will gladly answer your questions at info@czechcenter.com 

But we also think of you others who lead their families to the Czech language in America. The Czech Center of New York asked doc. PhDr. Ivana Bozděchová, CSc. from the Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

Letter from Ms Ivana Bozděchová:

Dear compatriots, friends, colleagues known and unknown!

At the end of February, after two decades, I had the opportunity to visit New York and several other places marked by Czech footprints. And I was really happy that in the Czech Center, in Czech schools in Astoria (as well as a week later in Chicago at TGM school) and elsewhere we have you who honor our common language. Together with my wishes I send you some concrete suggestions, available on the Internet. I would like you to use them, for example, when teaching in Czech courses.

1) Your students are often children, so I attach the picture material Ř our Czech (perhaps the most typical feature of Czech, but by far not the most difficult phenomenon, as is sometimes said among foreigners).

2) I make some links to websites that contain various teaching materials, you may know a lot, but I do list them:

 web application "Každý den tři nová slovíčka" (from different languages, including Czech):





3) I believe that I do not have to present Radio Prague International (https://www.radio.cz/cz) and its Czech broadcast for compatriots. However, I would like to draw your attention to small language contributions of an educational-popular character that we prepared for this station (and for you!) with our students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague in the seminar Czech on the Waves. They are gradually published in the section Hezky česky.








In recent years we have prepared articles on Czech in English, you can find them on Youtube in the section Czech Phrases Made Easy:


4) Radio Prague International also selects for you, as you may know, in the new Czech book series (české knihy), again in Czech and English versions:





5) And if you prefer listening to reading, you can listen to the best works of Czech classics on the Vltava river without limits:


6) Finally, for entertainment (and perhaps for future inspiration) I recommend to watch a recording of a theater performance of foreign students of Czech from the Institute of Czech Studies, Faculty of Arts called Povídky z baru (Stories from the Bar). It was created under the leadership of Mgr. Martina Frejová Krátká, Ph.D. and PaedDr. Ilona Starý Kořánová and find it HERE. Have a fun!

Note: Beginners will need Basic Czech I: Third Revised and Updated Edition December 15th 2014 textbook by Any Adamovičová and Darina Ivanovová, which can be found online or in most regular bookstores.




Lecture by Michaela Lišková

Přednáška Michaely Liškové o češtině: Karoška, koronápad, rouškomat

May 15, 2020



Czech language courses

Czech language courses will be conducted online due to current situation. 
For more information please contact us at info@czechcenter.com

New opening for beginners is planned for September 2020. Contact us at info@czechcenter.com if you are interested.

More information 

Czech Center offer Czech language courses taught by a professional native Czech teacher. The courses take place once a week at CCNY within 8 consecutive weeks.


Mon    7PM   advanced
Tue     7PM   intermediate
Wed    7PM   beginners
Thu     6.15 PM  beginners II

Fee: $280

Note: Complete beginners will need a textbook Basic Czech I: Third Revised and Updated Edition December 15th 2014 - by Ana Adamovicova and Darina Ivanovova which can be found online or in most major bookstores.  

Register via emailinfo@czechcenter.com 
(Please inform us if you have any previous Czech language knowledge).



Czech on-line: 

Newly launched  for  the  Fall semester  2020, Czech  Language  Online (A2  intermediate  level) is offered by The Institute of Czech Studies, a leading  global  institution in the field of  Czech as a second  language. 
The course is designed for students interested in studying Czech Language and Culture, and emphasizes the practical skills of speaking. Utilizing the “Interactive Czech” Moodle learning management system and live Zoom sessions, the course will cover listening and reading, training in oral communication and writing, vocabulary development, and more. This course is designed for degree-seeking university students.
The deadline to apply is 31 July, 2020. For more details, please contact international@ff.cuni.cz
More info









From: Apr 8, 2020
To: Jul 31, 2020


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