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Mar 6, 2012 - Mar 26, 2012

Prague 1968

EXHIBITION. Photographs of Paul Goldsmith. Exhibition opening: Tuesday, March 6, 6:30pm-8:30pm

In late August 1968, nineteen-year-old Paul Goldsmith, nearing the end of a yearlong pre-college trip around the world, headed for Czechoslovakia, drawn by the excitement of the Prague Spring, a time of exhilarating freedom from Communist tyranny that arose from newly elected Alexander Dubček’s “socialism with a human face.” But late on the night that he arrived, August 20, hundreds of thousands of Soviet-led tanks and troops poured into the country to crush the liberalization movement. Prague’s citizens were bloodied and killed as they fought back with protests and barricades. Goldsmith dodged tanks, fires, and soldiers to photograph the conflict, recording the tragic events with remarkable artistry and bravery. More than four decades later, the photographs are still startlingly immediate, and they create a compelling portrait of an unforgettable moment in history.  These recently discovered  photographs have been acclaimed as "brilliant" and accepted in museums and published in the United States and in the Czech Republic. 

Paul Goldsmith has pursued photography since high school, when he built a darkroom with the help of his older brother Larrie and took pictures for the yearbook. After graduating, he was assigned by California state senator Peter Behr to photograph Point Reyes National Seashore, and then he embarked on a yearlong trip around the world that brought him to Czechoslovakia at the turning point of the Prague Spring. Back in the United States, he studied photography and biology and then earned a law degree. He practiced law in San Francisco for a number of years and has had his own practice in Marin County, California, for the last six years. Paul and his wife, artist Carin Garland, have three children and two grandchildren. They live in Mill Valley with their son.


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From: Mar 6, 2012
To: Mar 26, 2012


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