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Jul 14, 2016 - Aug 11, 2016

Radek Brousil - Hands Clasped

Czech photographer Radek Brousil participates at the "2016 Aperture Summer Open: Photography Is Magic" at the Aperture Gallery.

2016 Aperture Summer Open: Photography Is Magic

Aperture’s 2016 Summer Open was a call for contributions to the idea of photography as a magical form. This optimistic premise attracted a diverse scope of magical contemporary approaches—from pictures found in the happenstance of everyday life to elaborate stagings of studio or desktop experiments.

The photographic practices represented in the final selection for this year’s Summer Open are rich with vitality and deep curiosity for the magical medium of photography. They share a fascination with and substantial knowledge of the historical roots and the contemporary state of photography. These artists actively play with the medium’s heritage—re-animating and re-contextualizing its alchemical properties—to render ideas about its contemporary material value. They are astutely aware of the viewers’ perceptions and trains of thought, grounded in our shared context of an ever-expanding image world. They invite us to pay attention to the thriving possibility of photography as an experimental platform, rich with materiality and visual sleight of hand.

—Charlotte Cotton, curator and writer

Opening Reception: 
Thursday, July 14, 6-8PM 

Radek Brousil - Hands Clasped
The pictures are inspired by studio photographs of liquid and elastic materials and a decision to abandon the traditional format and move the photographs to another dimension. From a semantic point of view, Brousil has actually transferred himself from the photographs as images of reality to their autonomous features - especially the physical, material nature of enlargements. When we are ashamed to say that the photographs are images, without feeling the obligation to add that they are also physical objects, on the top of that objects scenically structuring the white gallery space, we actually personally experience their unusual hybridity.These key concepts can remind us of the intentions of the early avant-garde, not only in the field of photography – for example of futurism. Brousil´s photography (and everything how he proceeds the photos) rather points towards the "outside world and society", towards how we perceive photographs and how we think about them.


Aperture Foundation, 547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY


From: Jul 14, 2016
To: Aug 11, 2016


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