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Mar 27, 2010 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Rhythm Desperados

RHYTHM DESPERADOS is a music group composed of leading jazz musicians possessing the high level of music versatility. The music mingles an elements of funk, latin music and jazz. Repertoire is mainly framed by Boris Urbánek’s compositions and completed with famous jazz tunes like “Sunny“, „Birdland“, „Chamaleon“and so on.

Rhythm Desperados

Jazz concert
Saturaday, March 27, 7 pm

The main intention of the band is not only to entertain itself but the audience above all. Their concerts are always very hard-hitting and jazz club-goers as well as private party-goers leave always fairly pleased.


Convince yourself about that by listening to their new album VOLCANO which was recorded live during the concerts at the Prague AghaRTA Jazz Centrum on 22nd and 23rd of March 2006.



Michal Hejna (b. 1961) began his career as a professional musician in 1978 while a student at secondary school and then at the Prague Conservatory, where he was Miloš Veselý’s first student _ In the pre-revolutionary period, before November 1989, he played in the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, ESP, Hot Line, Krausberry, the Václav Hybš Orchestra, and other bands _ After a five-month gig on a ship in 1989, in the period after November 1989, he worked, played, and recorded with the Yandi Band, Panta Rhei, Veleband, Michal Prokop & Friends, Richard Miller, and TUTU _ Since 1990 he has produced jazz albums for ARTA Records and since 1991 he has been the manager of the AghaRTA Jazz Centre and the AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival (see www.agharta.cz) _ In recent years he has been a permanent member of Jiří Stivín & Co. and the Luboš Andršt Group _ In 2004 he and an old friend Boris Urbánek started up a new band called the Rhythm Desperados.


Boris Urbánek (b. 1961) graduated from the Ostrava Conservatory _ He studied jazz with Karel Velebný in Prague _ In 1984 he started up his own group, Jazz Lab, and then appeared with Martin Kratochvíl and the Luboš Andršt & Peter Lipa Blues Band _ In 1987 he started up a new band, TUTU _ In 1990 he began intensively to write music for theatre, television (for the Czech programme Neváhej a toč), and advertisements_ As a producer and composer he has worked with many Czech and Slovak vocalists _ He is the composer of two successful musicals involving ice skating: Old Father Frost and Romeo and Juliet as well as music for an animated film called The Wonderful Show _ He is a regular teacher at Karel Velebný’s Summer Jazz Workshop in Frýdlant, sharing his experience with young jazz musicians _ Recently he has appeared more and more in Prague, while remaining true to his native Ostrava, where he regularly appears with the group BBC.




Michal Žáček (b. 1974), after graduating from the Ostrava Conservatory, soon became the most hired saxophonist in the Ostrava region, where he appeared with his group Gizd and with Boris Urbánek in TUTU _ For years he has worked with the Slovak singer Peter Lipa, and frequently performs as a guest in many groups, including Buty, Richard Miller, Jana Kirschner, and -123 minut, who like his melodic playing, charisma, and the good vibrations he passes on to the rest of the band.



Martin Lehký (b. 1973) studied double bass at the Prague Conservatory and bass guitar at the Ježek Conservatory, Prague_ Today he is one of the most sought-after studio bass guitarists, working regularly with Felix Slováček’s Radio Big Band and other leading figures on the Czech jazz scene _ He has accompanied a number of foreign musicians, including James Moody, Vince Mendoza, and Tony Lakatos _ At present he is a member of the František Kop Quartet and the Sax Time Quartet of Beda Šmarda, and will be as long as he continues to turn down offers to play on an oceanliner.





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Mar 27, 2010 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


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