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Oct 26, 2020 - Oct 28, 2020

Call for selfies at Tree of Liberty at Stuyvesant Park NYC

Help us commemorate Czechoslovakia's Independence Day of October 28, 1918! Please send us YOUR SELFIE with the Czechoslovak TREE OF LIBERTY in the beautiful Stuyvesant Park, next to the statue of Antonín Dvořák.


Deadline is October 26 at 10pm (EST)

Send your selfies to: newyork@svu2000.org

The result will be broadcast on October 28th on SVU Facebook and YouTube.

How to get there:
Enter Stuyvesant Park from E17th St; between 2nd Ave and Nathan D Perlman Place, turn left and walk to the statue of Antonín Dvořák. Then look to the left; the Tree (linden) is behind the benches, near the fence. (We hope to raise funds for a proper plaque in the near future.)

The Tree of Liberty in Stuyvesant Park was planted in October 2018 by the Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association (BBLA) and Friends of Czech Greenways (FCG) in cooperation with the Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA).

To see other 2018 plantings of Tree of Liberty in the world visit: www.stromysvobody.




Stuyvesant Park NYC


From: Oct 26, 2020
To: Oct 28, 2020


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