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Mar 12, 2011 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Something Better

THEATER FOR CHILDREN. Contemporary Toy Theater Translation of the Brothers Grimm Tale: The Bremen Town Musicians. With special guest Petr Nikl, Czech visual and performing artist

For all ages. 60 minutes. Admission Free.

Puppets by Isaac Bell
Stage design by Kaolin Kinsey
Developed and Performed by Roberto Rossi and Michael Romanyshyn

With special guest Petr Nikl, Czech visual and performing artist

Something Better is a musical puppet theater show for kids and adults. It tells the story of two musicians in search of a home and their incredible adventures along the way. Based on accounts from refugees interviewed by the show's author, Michael Romanyshyn, the show takes off into a world of magic, mystery and miracles.

Two musicians, each escaping from a threat of imprisonment and death, meet by chance in the hollow of a tree. Together they traverse danger and cruelty with a mixture of humor, song and down-home ingenuity. Their trunk, filled with their possessions is also the holder of their stories and a stage for their adventurous tale.

Presenting a story of displaced people, the cultural clash between residents and refugees, these asylum seekers take you into the classic world of fairy tale and the journals of their own lives.

Since 2008, Michael Romanyshyn has been collaborating with the Czech director Jana Svobodova, the writer Hana Andronikova, and a group of musicians and actors on theater and music projects at the Archa Theatre in Prague. The group includes Czech, Slovak and Swiss performers and Kurdish, Armenian and Chinese musicians who are refugees living in the Czech Republic.
Two musical theater pieces have been produced with this group: Dance Through the Fence and Jesters, Spies and Presidents. Both have been performed to critical acclaim throughout the Czech Republic and the EU. The 15 members of the group also make up The All-
Star Refjúdží Band, a brass band with lute, accordion and three singers performing original songs directed by Romanyshyn. The band plays frequent concerts, is heard on the radio and seen on Czech television. Something Better is inspired by the story of one of the members of the band, Miran Kassim, a Kurdish singer - song writer and by Gin Khup, a Burmese refugee .


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Mar 12, 2011 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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