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Apr 28, 2016 - Jun 4, 2016




At just about any major stamp show, collectors prepare exhibits of their collections, usually exhibiting some aspect of their unique interests, whether it be a melding of history and stamps, variations of postage cancellations, certain variations in stamp series, or any other thing that catches their attention as they collect.  At the postage stamp event at Javits center the Gold emblem medal will be given out at the New York show for the Best Czechoslovak stamp exhibit. 

From May 28th until June 4th there is an international postage stamp show in New York, at the Javits Convention Center.  This is held every ten years in the US, and the Society for Czechoslovak Philately will have a table there.  This is a perfect opportunity to visit the event and become a member of this historic society now in its 75 year.

This society used to have their meetings at The Bohemian National Hall. In the 1939 journal of the society the following record was found:

"Discussing the convention plan with several members it was finally decided to arrange the gathering for Saturday, June 17.  The meeting, which will be informal, will be held at the Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73 St., (between First and Second Avenues), New York City."

The Society for Czechoslovak Philately, Inc. is an international organization formed by collectors in the United States over 75 years ago who are interested in the study, collection, and enjoyment of Czechoslovak philately.

Born in 1939, the Society has one thing in common with Lloyds of London.  The world’s biggest insurer was founded in a coffee shop in London in 1689.  Just 250 years later, the Society was founded in a coffee shop on First Avenue in New York City.  It was at a private meeting between Joseph Lowey and Joseph Stein following a session of the Masaryk Club.  Both men were philatelists of the same ethnic background and interests.  When Lowey expounded his ideas of organizing a philatelic club devoted exclusively to Czechoslovak philately, Stein reacted with enthusiasm.  By March of 1939, the Society was formally established with an initial organizational name of the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of North America.  In May the first issue of The Czechoslovak Specialist was published.  By September 1939, the first convention was held at the Bohemian Convention Hall in New York with its entire membership of 46 in attendance.  Today, the Society enjoys a membership of almost 180, from 15 countries around the world, including countries as far away as Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland.


Historically, the members have been interested in Czechoslovak philatelic areas that include among others:  the pre-stamp and pre-Czech formation philatelic items originating within current Czech lands (pre-1918); the Scout Post (1918); the Czech Legion in Siberia (1918/1920); Eastern Silesia (1920); Carpatho-Ukraine; the First Republic (1918-1939), which includes the Austro-Hungarian overprints); Field Posts in Italy, and France; Bohemia-Moravia (1939-1945); Slovakia (1939-1945); Theresienstadt Concentration Camp; Freedom Overprints (1945); the Second Republic (1945-1992); the Czech Republic (1993-Present); and modern Slovakia (1993-Present).

Thus, there is enough variety here to whet the appetite of any avid philatelist whether a general collector or interested in modern issues, the early classics, postal history, First Day Covers, monetary reform, postal stationery, or topical.  Czechoslovakia has it all.  In addition, its stamps are renowned for their quality, theme, and colors, all that are second to none because they were, and still are, produced through the engraving process.


While beginning with the very basics, the Society today offers a full range of benefits to its members, which include:

            The Czechoslovak Specialist Is our quarterly publication, which has been continuously published for 77 years.  It has won so many philatelic literature awards as to make it impractical to list them here.

            A Home Page on the World Wide Web (www.CSPhilately.org) which includes information on the Society, its activities, and on Czechoslovak philately in general.

            A book sales division which offers philatelic books at below competition prices—this includes many books that cannot be found anywhere else.  We translate into English some of the more critical items.

            A Society library that is the best outside the Czech Republic.  Members can check with the renowned authorities on their area of interest, and can do research with the best of tools.

            An expertization committee that charges much less than anyone else.

            Stamp auctions that allow you access to the best Czech material, and, you can be sure that it is genuine.


Find out more at the convention from May 28 – June 4th 2016 at Javits Center, New York City.


Javits Center, NYC


From: Apr 28, 2016
To: Jun 4, 2016


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