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Jul 31, 2012


Screening on the rooftop of the Bohemian National Hall. Admission: $10. Screening starts at dusk. Door open at 7pm.

Admission: $10  BUY TICKETS
Screening starts at dusk.
Films are in Czech with English subtitles.
In case of bad weather films will be screened at the indoor cinema.
Tickets are not refundable.

I’m All Good
Directed by Jan Hrebejk, 2008, 101 min.
A ragtag group of friends and drinking buddies help a pal turn the tables on a con man in this easy-going comedy. Kaja is a sweet natured but easily confused man who works as a security guard at a museum near Prague. Kaja is a regular at a local tavern run by Tonda, an ex-con with a soft spot for guys who've been let out of prison and are looking to start their lives over. One day, while shopping at the local market, a trickster takes advantage of Kaja and bilks him out of all his money in a rigged game of chance. It isn't until after the fact that Kaja realizes he's been cheated, and when Tonda hears about what's happened, he decides he and his friends need to get justice for Kaja. With the help of one-time pickpocket Pepe, magician turned gambler Mrklas, poker sharks Balun and Lada, Tonda's long-suffering girl friend Andula and Kaja's often exasperated wife Jitka, Tonda maps out an elaborate scheme to outwit the con man who swindled Kaja.
Film was adapted from a short story by Czech writer Petr Sabach.
~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Jul 31, 2012


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