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Sep 5, 2017 7:00 PM


WINDOW TO EUROPE FILM SERIES – Italy. Each month the Window to Europe series presents one extraordinary European film which explores the complexity and diversity of cinematic voices from across the continent.




Original Title: I Cento Passi

Director: Marco Tullio Giordana 

Run Time: 106 min.

Origin: Italy

What's more dangerous in Sicily, joining the Communists or opposing your family's own mafia? Experience the stunning landscape of southern Italy, which masks an environment of turmoil by a struggling and violent political discourse. The award-winning story, cast, costumes, and scenery of Giordana's film will push you to pick a side in this family's story.

Marco Tullio Giordana's film I Cento Passi, One Hundred Steps , chronicles the often hidden tensions of a mafioso family. After his childhood is ruined by an attack of an opposing family, Peppino Impastato's life is changed. He becomes a political activist in his Sicilian hometown working against his own Impastato family. As a member of the Communist Party, Peppino works to expose how the cruelties and unfair practices of the mafia only benefit a few. In this true story of the 100 steps between Impastato House and the mafia boss to which his family answers, Peppino's life becomes a matter of life and death. 

Watch the trailer in Italian, here.












VENEZIA 2000 "Miglior Scenegiatura", "Winner of Best Screenplay
DAVID DI DONATELLO 2000" Miglior Attore, "Miglior Attore Non Protagonist," "Migliori Costumi." Winner of Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Costume Design.
GOLDEN GLOBES 2001 "Nomination Miglior Film Straniero," Winner of Best Foreign Film
NASTRI D'ARGENTO 2001 "Miglior Sceneggiatura," Winner of Best Screenplay











Marco Tullio Giordana is a 66 year old Italian filmmaker and screenwriter. Giordana began making films in the 1970s and used the political events of the decade as fuel for his films. Subsequently, Gioardana's films are often based on existing facts, which create a strong, yet exciting, plot for his films.






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Sep 5, 2017 7:00 PM


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