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Oct 23, 2020 7:00 PM

The World of Leoš Janáček: A performance by Mannes School of Music’s young artists

Please join us for an evening of music by famed Czech composer Leoš Janáček with readings of select Czech poetry. This event is presented as part of the Mannes Sounds Festival in partnership with the Czech Center New York.

October 23, 7PM

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Czech Center New York is proud to partner with The New School’s Mannes School of Music to bring you a unique concert The World of Leoš Janáček: A performance by Mannes School of Music’s young artists. For the first time in the decades-long history of the festival the concert will be virtual and Czech Center New York is proud to partner with the festival in organizing this event and bringing Janáček’s timeless music to audiences anywhere in the world. In addition to compositions by Leoš Janáček, the performance will feature poetry by Jaroslav Vrchlický and Otokar Březina. 


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1.Selection from “On an Overgrown Path”:
“Frýdecká panna Maria” (The Frydeck Madonna)
“Štěbetaly jak laštovičky” (They chattered like swallows)
“V pláči” (In tears)
“Sýček neodletěl” (The barn owl has not flown away)
Michael Owen Dodds, piano 

2.” Dumka”
Ledah Finck, violin and Michael Owen Dodds

3. “Dithyramb of the Worlds” poem by Otokar Brezina (1868-1929)
Michael Owen Dodds 

4. Sonata 1. X. 1905“ From the Street”
Andrei Romanov, piano

5. Selection from Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs:
“Łáska (Love)”
“Kouzlo (Enchantment)”
”Záre od milého (Glare from Beloved)” 
“Komu Kytka (To Whom the Flower)” 
“Stálost (Constancy)”
Chantal Freeman, soprano
Julian Jenson, piano

6. In the Mists 
Yanran Li, piano 

7. “Eclogue“ poem by Jaroslav Vrchlicky (1853-1912)
Michael Owen Dodds 

8. Romance
Ann-Frances Rokosa, violin and Yanran Li, piano



Yanran Li, piano; Andrei Romanov, piano; Michael Owen Dodds, piano;Chantal Freeman,soprano, Julian Jenson, piano, Ledah Finck violin, Ann -Frances Rokosa,violin


Here is the artistic director of the Mannes Sounds Festival, Pavlina Dokovska with more: 


Leoš Janáček (1854 – 1928) was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and other Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style. Along with Antonin Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana, he is considered one of the most important Czech composers.

The Mannes Sounds Festival was founded in 1999 by Pavlina Dokovska, chair of the Mannes Piano department. The festival presents more than 20 concerts annually performed young artists from Mannes, the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and the School of Drama as well as master classes and lectures by distinguished faculty members and renowned guest artists and is one of the outstanding components of Mannes' performance program. The events are held at various prestigious New York City concert venues and cultural institutions.

The Fall 2020 events have moved online.

Presented by the College of Performing Arts’ Mannes Sounds Festival and Czech Center New York.

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Oct 23, 2020 7:00 PM


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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