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Mar 8, 2011 7:00 PM

Some Secrets

FILM CLUB. A dark and absurd road-movie comedy in which Grandmother fulfills her dream, Mother stops treating her daughters like kids, the daughters stop treating their husbands like idiots and father’s ashes get spread all over the country.

Some Secrets (Výlet), directed by Alice Nellis, 2002, 100 min.
In Czech with English subtitles.
No reservations. First come-first served.

It’s almost six months since he died and Father’s ashes are still in Grandmother’s cupboard.

All family seems to be over the period of grieving and everybody has his or her own new problems. The younger daughter Zuzana – not very successful graphic designer of tile patterns – is about to leave her husband Pavel for a slightly more successful painter of abstract pictures. Her sister Ilona, a pregnant, tired mother of a mischievous son Leon, feels neglected by her husband who allegedly called her a presswurst. Their Mother Milada feels more and more useless and constantly invades Ilona’s household offering her any kind of possible help and driving her son-in-law almost crazy.  And Grandmother silently dreams about visiting her hometown in Slovakia at least one more time before she dies. So it’s probably no accident that she refuses to bury the ashes of her beloved son at a little Czech town where they all live, but keeps repeating that his last wish was to be buried back at Slovakia where he was born.

We meet the whole family – as well as Zuzana’s slightly obese and almost unbearably kind husband Pavel – at the beginning of their long journey with their Father’s ashes. Two family cars set on the road to cross the Czech republic and fulfill Father’s alleged last wish and everybody believes it’s going to be just one more boring family trip.

But as soon as they leave the town the boring family trip slowly starts to change into probably the most important two days in their lives. Being again together and being taken away from the routine of their everyday life brings up problems and situations they would never think of. Through a series of sometimes comic, sometimes tragic situations the family has to find out that the only way to solve their individual, current problems is to get through with their past.  All the little secretes and lies piled in the family history start to fall apart and reveal serious wounds and misunderstandings. As the daughters learn more and more about how mistaken they were regarding the relationship of their parents, Mother and Grandmother witness falls and rises of Zuzana’s and Ilona’s marriages. And as if even the dead Father wouldn’t want to stay aside, his ashes become the trigger of the whole series of practical and philosophical obstacles the family has to overcome.



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Mar 8, 2011 7:00 PM


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