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Aug 1, 2020 - Aug 30, 2020

Věrka Vybíralová: Sure-Handed Artist with a Swift Brushstroke

In August, Czech Center New York will feature on its website a series of comics-inspired illustrations by artist Věrka Vybíralová, created exclusively for the Czech Center. The artist has created these comic strip-like images as artistic teasers for the online program of Czech Center New York during the pandemic.











Photo: Miroslav Konvalina 

While our gallery remains closed due Covid-19 we are pleased to present series of new works by artist Věrka Vybíralová in the windows of the Bohemian Spirit Restaurant at the Bohemian National Hall


Author/Cedit: Věrka Vybíralová/ jan mc gregor/ LEMUR PRODUCTION

The Czech Center has prepared this summer illustration project while closed for the public, but is striving to present a wide range of projects on its website, social media, and newsletter. By joining forces with the new generation of young, talented artists, the Czech Center New York is responding to the current need to adapt cultural programming to the social situation during these trying times.


MgA. Věrka Vybíralová, DiS., is an artist who, is part of the young, progressive generation of Czech artists. She created and pioneered a new technique called ‘dynamic quick-sketching’ (dynamická rychlokresba). Her primary focus is figure drawing, which she expresses mostly in comics form. Věrka Vybíralová has showcased her work in the Czech Republic at several festivals, galleries, and company events. The featured comics for the USA are her overseas premiere.

Miroslav Konvalina, director of the Czech Center New York adds:“Věrka Vybíralová’s new project for the homepage of Czech Center New York’s website is in the form of intro banners which were inspired by lengthy conversations with the artist about the cultural programming of the Czech Center. The illustrator decided to appeal to the viewer with a message coded into the fusion of illustration and written text complete with speech bubbles. One by one, the comic strips guide the viewer through all the main categories of realized events. They take on the role of a gateway, a pointer, or a signpost, offering thus a certain form of guidance. The comics format allows for this navigation in an original way.”

Věrka Vybíralová at work, "I carry around an old fountainpen and ink and draw wherever I go."

Photo credit: Tom Black Photo (first) & Courtesy of the artist 

Věrka Vybíralová’s oeuvre and style is clearly recognizable. She is able to draw her illustrations with quick strokes and lines with perfect accuracy in a short amount of time. She utilizes this technique not only during her public performances, but also for her comics, comics-inspired portraits, illustrations, storyboards, and large-format interior painting artwork.

“I draw inspiration from many sources,”Věrka Vybíralová says. “I’m a figural artist, and this style inspires me to keep rediscovering and perfecting the way I regard the human body and its uniqueness. My being is affected by the most commonplace, fleeting moments in our lives, trivialities which others may even ignore or not notice and which show just how beautiful or how cruel the world can be.”

Though Věrka’s style is very contemporary, she recognizes her work draws inspiration from classical art, too. “When I was little, I became so absorbed in the art world of the old Renaissance and Baroque masters that I wanted to live in their time. When I saw my first Leonardo Da Vinci, my heart leapt and I couldn’t breathe. I remember that feeling to this day.”


Věrka Vybíralová was drawing also at (legal) Mural Street Art event in Prague


The illustrator has a strong attachment to history – she completed her studies in both art and art restoration which she also engages in, having for instance restored and gilded the rooftop of The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Her work has also been shown as part of several prestigious exhibitions at the Prague Castle. She also works as an illustrator for the Czech magazine Reflex.

She has participated as an artist on the Zlín Film Fest, and she is the author of a series of monumental portraits entitled “The Unoverlookables” (Nepřehlédnutelní). Last year, she was part of a handful of artists called upon to decorate Prague with legal mural street art during a single night as an appeal for the legalization of artistic expression in public spaces.

“I don’t subscribe to trends or notions of prettiness,” Vybíralová concludes, “Quite the opposite, I tend to take the much less comfortable path, but one that is meticulous and right for the long run. I carry around an old fountainpen and ink and draw wherever I go. I use permanent materials for interior paintwork in order to minimize in my art the fleetingness otherwise so ubiquitous in our lives.”



This program is sponsored by Trebitsch Whisky, first Czech single malt whisky in the US.



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From: Aug 1, 2020
To: Aug 30, 2020


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