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Czech language course info session with registration and a short intro into our courses will be held on Saturday, February 9th at 11AM.

Czech language courses :

Czech Center NY is currently offering introductory language courses taught by a professional native Czech teacher!


Mon   19:00  intermediate
Tue    18:30  beginners ll
Wed   19:30 pre-intermediate
Thur   19:00  beginners l
Sat      11:00  beginners ll 
           13:00 pre-intermediate

Czech Center New York

Czech Center NY is currently offering introductory language courses taught by a professional native Czech teacher!

We offer Czech Language Course in 8-week blocks throughout the academic year.
Fee: $ 280 per 8 week session
Complete beginners will need a textbook Basic Czech I: Third Revised and Updated Edition December 15th 2014 - by Ana Adamovicova and Darina Ivanovova which can be found online or in most major bookstores.

Register via email: info@czechcenter.com (Please inform us if you have any previous Czech language knowledge).

Organized in cooperation with the Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association.

We provide various resources including elements of Czech language for FREE to the public:

  • Tuesday Film Club – Czech films with English subtitles.
  • Cultural Programs – Various events such as lectures, book launches and exhibitions.
  • Czech Library – An extensive collection of Czech literature on culture, art, history and more.
  • Czech Center Website – Up to date content which is available in the Czech, as well as English.
  • “Czech – US inspirations”- Informative content on Czech and US inspired events from history and modern times


  • Culinary, sing-along, and physical exercise workshops
  • Tourist Linguistic Czech course (or Survival Czech Phrases Course for Tourists)

For more information, please contact us at:  info@czechcenter.com 

Flier in PDF:








Czech and Slovak Cultural Center

Courses and summer camps for children
Adult courses








Czech and Slovak School, Astoria, New York
The largest Czech and Slovak in USA, 10 certified Czech and Slovak teachers
Friday 5:00pm-7:30pm
Saturday 9:30am-12:00pm   12:30pm-3:00pm (age groups)

Semestral courses and Czech language courses for fellow countrymen

1) Semestral study stay
2) 4 week czech course for fellow countrymen  
3 )2 week czech language teaching methodology for teachers from abroad


Official translating services to/from Czech

357 West 36th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Tel.: (212) 725 9845, Cell: (347) 754 1158
Fax:: (212) 683 8516
Email: vladimir.sulc@cztrans.com
Website: www.cztrans.com


Ms. Daniela Sassman, Branch Manager
140 Broadway, 46th Floor, New York, NY 10005
Phone: 646 708 1714
E-mail: daniela.sassman@skrivanek.com

Members of the American Translations Association

TRANSLATION ACES, INC., 29 Broadway * Suite 2301 *New York, NY 10006, Tel.: (212) 269-4660 * Fax: (212) 269-4662 *E-mail: karyn.tasens@translationaces.com

FoxTranslate, 153 Townsend St, 9th floor, San Francisco, CA 94107, Phone: (800) 240-3216,Fax: (415) 449-3679, Email: support@foxtranslate.com,Website: http://www.foxtranslate.com/

thebigword Inc 
20 Broad Street, Floor 27
New York, NY-10005
Phone: (646) 770 8000
Fax: (646) 770 8111
E-fax for all linguists:  (646) 619 4420

KERN Corporation
Helmsley Building
230 Park A venue, Suite 1517
New York, NY 10169
Tel.: (212) 953 2070
Cell: (646) 298 0757
Fax:: (212) 953 2073

Email: eric.schloss@e-kern.com
Website: www.e-kern.com 


Church services in Czech/Slovak

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel
Sunday 10:30am, service in Czech
Father Antonin Kocurek










St. John Nepomucene
Sunday 11:00am, Service in Slovak
Rev. Stefan Chanas

Social events and establishments frequented by New York’s Czech population:
Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden – A beautiful venue that offers annual Cultural Festivals, such as:

  1. Czech and Slovak Festival (Memorial Day Weekend)
  2. Vinobrani / Winefest (Mid-September)
  3. Oktoberfest (last weekend of September)
  4. Porkfest (weekend before Ash Wednesday)

Additional Czech Language learning resources offered by New York City

  1. Czech films, books, magazines, and crossword puzzles: www.slovczechvar.com
  2. Czech Tour Guide through New York City: www.travelamerica.cz
  3. Czech Meet-up groups: www.meetup.com/czech-8
  4. Bohemistic Studies: http://slavic.columbia.edu