Lost Czech Christmas Carol Discovered: Bright Magical Night

  • 08 Dec 2020
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A re-discovered lost Czech Carol. The world premiere of the first US recording of Bright Magical Night is performed by the former Czech opera singer, Stanislav Kotyza, and his daughter, Kristina Kotyza.

Stanislav Kotyza, a former opera singer and fellow Czech, is today a successful builder of homes in Westchester County, NY. He immigrated in 1984, and welcomes you to take a listen to a Czech Christmas carol which he sings with his oldest daughter, Kristina Kotyza.

The carol was discovered by happenstance and by the 17 year old Stanislav when he was an organist in the church of his native town, Humpolec. One night when he was in the church practicing, he came upon the manuscript, dusty and forgotten in the corner of the organ’s chorus box. It was titled, “Bright Magical Night.”

The manuscript dated from 1854 and was written by a local music teacher, Jan Malat. The notes weaved a simple melody which is magically beautiful. Once discovered by Stanislav, a harmony was later added by his friend and renowned Czech composer, Juraj Filas.

  • Singers: Stanislav Kotyza, Kristina Kotyza
  • Pianist: Steven Ionov
  • Film Director: Anna Eva Kotyza
  • Director of Photography: Somnang Vann
  • Sound: Marta Kotyza

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