"Coronastories" Anthology Published by Odeon in Collaboration with Czech Centres

  • 06. 01. 2021
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The Czech Centres Network is proud to present our historically first literary publication, prepared in collaboration with Odeon publishing. This anthology offers seventeen Czech authors' take on the unexpected circumstances that the coronavirus pandemic has brought, with a unique focus on the locations of each Czech Center. The collection was published in Czech only and is named "Objekty v zrcadle jsou blíž, než se zdají být" after the story written by Lucie Faulerová for Czech Center New York, which is available in English on our website.

The anthology features stories by Martin Becker, Bianca Bellová, Pavel Brycz, Lucie Faulerová, Radek Fridrich, Jiří Janků, Jaromír Konečný, Robert Mikoláš, Iva Pekárková, Markéta Pilátová, Lída Rakušanová, Tomáš Ráliš, Jaroslav Rudiš, Tereza Semotamová, Marie Topolová, Kateřina Tučková, David Zábranský.

Through their personal, distinctive narratives these stories each offer a unique perspective on the situation, including quarantine, isolation, and sudden life changes.

The project started as an initiative of Czech Centre Berlin and was initially intended to be online only, aimed at local audiences of each respective participating Czech Centre including us in New York, Jerusalem - Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Munich, Vienna, Moscow, Athens. 

Check out "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear," written by Lucie Faulerová exclusively for Czech Center New York. This story is featured in the anthology.

You can buy the anthology "Objekty v zrcadle jsou blíž, než se zdají být" in Czech from the publisher here.

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