Czech Photography Masterclass on Instagram No. 6 / Pavel Baňka

Wed 16. 12. 2020 The event takes place online

What is a photo, and what all can it be?

For Pavel Baňka it is mainly joy and the subject of endless research. 

The next #CzechPhotographyMasterclass will introduce you the photographer Pavel Baňka and his endless dreamlike landscapes, works inspired by surrealism and dadaism. It will show that a photo can also be an escape from gray totalitarianism, a play of lights, shadows and mirrors. As a self-taught artist, he never wanted to follow the general rules and ideas too much. His work is rich in a variety of forms, themes and renditions - from portraits to abstract landscapes, which he himself compares to paintings. The work of Pavel Baňka is a lifelong rediscovery of the art of photography. 

Don't forget that you can literally become a part of the Czech Photography Masterclass! 

Tag the image in your feed or stories with the hashtag #MasterclassBanka and include your photo in the project.

Baňka will comment on your photos in the video, which we will also publish on Instagram two days after the MasterClass.

Information summary

  • Event title: Czech Photography Masterclass on Instagram No. 6 / Pavel Baňka
  • Date: Wed 16. 12. 2020
  • Address: The event takes place online

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